The Meaning Of ‘Success’ From A Spiritual Perspective

Photo taken at Walden Pond, the place where Henry David Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days of his life writing Walden.


I finally understand the meaning of ‘success’ from a spiritual perspective.

Since we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, the true meaning of success is measured by how deeply and honestly we’re able to be our truest and most authentic selves.

The danger of pursuing success in the form of accomplishments, titles, relationships, popularity or material accumulation is that we’re consciously or subconsciously placing our feelings of well-being, worthiness, happiness, joy and satisfaction on the positive arrangement of our external circumstances. Guess what happens when our external circumstances change or when the carefully constructed masks many of us wear begin to slip off or chip off?

Repressed wounds surface. We behave differently. We lash out. We might hurt the people around us or we might hurt ourselves. We desperately look for other means to cover up our feelings of emptiness or lack and if we end up ‘failing,’ we’ll look for others to blame for our underlying issues.

Here’s the thing though with external dependencies. That void within us will always exist. Something will feel off. If we’re even slightly honest and in touch with our inner selves, we’ll feel guilt. We’ll feel guilt because we’re not living how we know we should be living or we’ll feel awful because we know deep down inside we’ve been living a lie, rationalized by us (or society) as something noble, good or advantageous.

The key to a meaningful existence is not about accumulating, being popular, winning or filling voids with addictive tendencies and pursuits. There’s NO depth, heart or soul in those things.

It’s about being so in touch with who you are that who you are leads you down a life of purpose.

This inside out approach might bring to you worldly ‘success’ or it might only bring you deep fulfillment. Either way, you can breathe so freely and love so deeply and exist so lightly knowing that you’re a mega success within a societal framework that runs contrary to the path of self-actualization/enlightenment.

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