Admiring the strangers sitting next to me at Starbucks

I’m admiring the strangers sitting next to me at Starbucks.
They’re having an actual conversation, about difficult life circumstances, including the effects of both childhood and adulthood trauma.
They’re not blaming anybody for their pain, resentment or poor choices, including their neglectful parents or abusive exes.
They’re reflecting, analyzing the topics as objectively as possible, knowledge-sharing and coming up with healthy solutions together.
There’s nothing but an exchange of kindness and support between the two friends and it’s so refreshing to hear. It’s inspiring actually, because witnessing their humanity reminds me of my own humanity, and the humanity of everyone around me.
One reminder/takeaway:
Healing requires full honesty. Honesty produces freedom. Freedom unleashes true joy. These steps cannot be skipped, sorry.
Here’s another one:
Without vulnerability and real talk, we can’t connect.
If we can’t connect, we feel disconnected.
If we feel disconnected, we feel alone.
But we are not alone, if we can open up a bit to the right people. They’re out there, craving the same connection too.
Connection is what heals. The riskiest thing we can do in life is not attempt to connect at all.
I’m sending the ladies a wave of love and well-wishes from where I’m sitting.
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