How Do I: Common Questions to Becoming a Better Human

How do I…

  • practice self-care
  • release anger
  • heal myself
  • forgive myself
  • forgive others
  • stop judgment
  • attain peace
  • be in alignment
  • serve others
  • better relate with others
  • inch closer to an enlightened state

The answer doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually quite simple: Just Love.

The question I believe many of us are asking isn’t actually “how do I do or accomplish (any of the things above)?” If we were to dig deeper, it’s actually “how do I better Love?”

Now this is where it gets interesting because everyone has ‘different’ interpretations of Love. I would argue that a large number of us aren’t even sure what Love is or what it looks like in practice. I don’t blame us. Society is clueless about love. Look at mainstream music, for instance. Love isn’t attachment, it’s not a feeling, it’s definitely not infatuation or codependency.

It’s a function of connection and knowing. It’s already deeply inside us, because we are it.

Love is the Jesus state, or the Buddha state. And that, my friends, is what it means to live… wisely.

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