My reaction to the Charlottesville rally

I’ve been pretty down since the violent and deadly white supremacy rally in Charlottesville.

However, I’ve been thinking back to the hundreds of random people I met around the country back in summer of 2015.

I’ve been thinking back to how scared I was to roam through unfamiliar cities and towns as a lone young Asian American woman.

There were many times where I had to sit with my fears of being preyed upon because of the media reports, stereotypes, warnings and rumors that influenced my worldview.

And then I remembered all the times I felt love and felt loved. People were so friendly. They were curious and open-minded. They wanted to share what was inside their hearts. All I had to do was take the initiative and genuinely say hello. And that was what I did.

So today, I am reminded that there is soooo much more that is right with America than what is wrong with America. And if you’re able to read this, you ARE what is right with our country. Remember that.

Please do not hold back. Please do not become discouraged. Please do not think that your voice, your social media posts, your phone calls, your small donations, etc. do not matter. Because they do.

So long as we are not indifferent, complacent or in denial of the full extent of the situation at hand, we will get through these dark times together and come out better and stronger.

Why? Because we are light. We are Love. We are a part of this mighty Universe, connected to a higher power. Fear cannot defeat Love, come on now.

I believe in us!!!!!

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