Do the actual inner work

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I wanted to understand what Melany meant by doing the actual inner work, so I asked her to elaborate.

Melany: “Doing the inner work first means to actually process the emotions inside your body. Most people avoid processing their deeply suppressed emotions because well it’s not nice, it’s often painful emotions – grief, sadness, hurt, etc. – and they don’t want to feel disempowered. I have found this to be the number one thing keeping a lot of clients stuck. They know the cause but are not willing to process those hurtful emotions or are not willing to forgive, for example.

They may try to do the exercises or inner work quickly in their head… and then weeks later wonder why they are stuck in the same pattern or why they are still triggered. Inner work has to be authentic, has to be real and come from a place of humility. It has to come from the heart. ❤️

I love it. ?? On a personal note, I just discovered (again) that I have a ton more inner healing work to do. As “inconvenient” as this discovery is, I’m actually freaking excited to heal and learn healthier ways to operate in this world. ??

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