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The Before I Die wall was what inspired me to create the installation for Lessons for Life. I need to bring it back – I will bring it back.

A stoic philosopher by the name of Seneca once wrote that many of us actually have enough time to work toward our dreams, but what most of us do is misuse so much of the time we’ve been given. A long life does not mean a happy life well lived and a short life does not necessarily mean an unhappy ending for that soul.

Nothing can be changed about passed time. One of the questions that needs to be asked is how can we maximize our experience right now? How this looks like will vary for each of us depending on our values, circumstances, goals and life purpose. So before you die, what are the things you want to do/experience? Notice that I didn’t say have or own. Make a list. Find a way to make them happen one at a time. Focus on the process. Detach from the outcome. Be grateful for what you have. Enjoy the journey.

Before I die, I will nudge as many people as possible to think about their lives and the story they’re writing.

Connecting with others is what makes me come alive. Listening to them, asking questions, making sure that when they’re with me one on one, they’re seen. I don’t care about the surface stuff. I care about the heart+soul inside. This is my calling. I have work to do.

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