What makes you happy? Here’s my list.

When I was in Atlanta, Georgia, I met a stranger who offered up her home to me when my Airbnb situation did not work out because I felt unsafe in my living situation and the neighborhood I was in.

My peer had this cool passion project/hobby where she asked random strangers to think about the things that made them happy. Something that she also did – that I found to be very sweet and kind – was buy random people meals, especially those who were homeless.

A couple of weeks ago, I was featured as a Happy Stranger on the project’s Instagram account @happystrangers. Check it out below!

This is Snow White. (Yes… Her real name. How awesome is that?!) She and I have similar projects, but instead of asking people what makes them happy, she asks them another question… “If you could tell your younger self a lesson you have learned in life… what would it be?” She recently spent 4 months traveling the country by herself, going to around 25 states to gain her own personal growth and understanding of the people who reside in America. I met her when she was here in Georgia, and was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with her. She’s a case of a happy stranger turned into happy friend.

What are things that make her happy though?

if you want to see some answers she has gotten through her travels, follow her project @lessonsforlife #happystrangers

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