Our oldest ally

Alexandria, Virginia

Photo taken at: Alexandria, Virginia

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting inside the House of Representatives Chamber in the Capitol Building in DC. I was in the nosebleed sections and at the bottom to my right hand side of the center stage, there was a portrait of a man in history I did not recognize. To the left hand side of the stage was Washington. My tour guide said the man looked like Lafayette, but he didn’t know what he did.

Today I learned the significance of Mr. Lafayette’s contribution to America’s founding history. Somehow this fact nevet stuck with me in school or this fact was quickly glossed over by textbooks and/or teachers. Basically, if it weren’t for Lafayette and France’s strategic alliance with the colonialists, perhaps there would be no America as we know it today. History would have looked very, very different… There could be no America.

We can thank Washington for his military genius. As a people, we should also acknowledge France for helping us in our battle for Independence. No one does that.

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