It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Throughout my 20’s, I’ve heard people occasionally say that hurt people hurt other people. Now that I’m older and a little bit wiser, I see this as being true, for the most part.

When it comes to mental health, I think about three groups of people. The first is those who are depressed due to past trauma or current chronic, toxic circumstances, the second is those who have personality disorders (and don’t even realize or know it!) and the third is those who are clinically diagnosed for some psychological or psychiatric condition.

I would argue that it’s more common for folks in groups two and three to hurt others and even though they absolutely need to seek professionals help, it’s group #1 that I care about and am most concerned about.

Group #1 often consists of victims of abuse. The reality is that there’s a lot of bad and soulless people who live in this world. Those people often hurt other people and will see nothing wrong with treating others poorly or striping them from their dignity.

Ahh I am just rambling right now. But for those dealing with depression and are going through a rough time right now, know that darkness does in fact give an opportunity for light to shine, brighter than its ever shined before.

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