Which side would you be on?

Boston, Massachusetts

Photo taken at: Boston, Massachusetts

Let’s say you lived in New England in 1773. Would you have stood up for America’s Independence? Although I don’t know what the sentiment was back then, I’m sure there was quite a lot of resistance and cynicism from at least some folks in the colonies.

Stepping back nearly 250 years ago, I wonder where we all would have stood on this supremely critical issue. Maybe there would have been a consensus among all of us. Maybe we would have been super divided.

When was the last time in recent years where folks in our country had a consensus about anything? Which makes it tough for me to believe that there was an overwhelming consensus back then.

Update: About one third of the colonial population back then were Loyalists, meaning they supported and were loyal to Britain. The other one third were patriots. The rest were apathetic and/or neutral.

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