Thoughts on some Controversial Country Music Songs

When I was in Louisiana, I asked a pastor (the one who opened up her home to me) for her thoughts on three country songs that were controversial over the last couple of years. Here’s some background info and her thoughts.

#1 “Follow Your Arrow” – This song was criticized by conservative country radio folks for promoting the gay agenda (whatever that means) and the use of marijuana. The pastor loved this song and agreed with the message behind it (do whatever feels right to you, whatever makes you happy, because someone will always have something negative to say about you or your choices).

#2 “Girl Crush” – This song was criticized this year by listeners of country radio for promoting lesbian relationships. The song is actually not about being a lesbian, but rather about having a girl crush on your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend (which makes no sense to me and I can’t relate to this but maybe I’m just the jealous type). The pastor found this song offensive, but not in a way that you might think. She found this song to be potentially offensive to lesbians because the girl is only liking that other gal to get to the guy. She was not impressed by this song, although Little Big Town sounded amazing.

#3 “Accidental Racist” – This track by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J received a lot of criticism for being racist by liberal media. It shares a perspective about wanting to embrace southern pride but coming across as a racist for sporting a confederate flag. The pastor found this song to be disturbing and speculated that the people behind the lyrics lacked understanding of America’s past with slavery and past/present with racism.

Interesting stuff. ☺

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