The community feel is gone

New York, New York

Photo taken at: New York, New York

In NYC today, I was reminded of how people will just bump into you or cut across in front of you as you’re walking. If you walk too slow, you’re likely to be in somebody’s way. But if you walk too fast, you’re likely to come across as rude.

When I arrived in the city, I was carrying around 35 pounds of luggage with me between my backpack and gymbag. I was also really sleepy and hungry and dehydrated.

Tomorrow when I’m lighter and freer, I’ll be in a much better state to navigate through this city and walk on its streets.

I think I’m going to just smile at random people tomorrow and say hi to them as I walk by. Why not.

The contrast between NYC and the Southern States has been pretty clear. Folks here are not very friendly.

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