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Harahan, Louisiana

Photo taken at: Harahan, Louisiana

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Think about the neighborhood you grew up in. Imagine if every single person you knew, including yourself, had a family member or friend or knew someone who was murdered. Imagine if you thought that was normal. And guns and drugs and gangs were normal too.

From 1985 to 2012, New Orleans has held the title as Murder Capital in America guess how many times? 12.

When looking at murder rates across the country, it shocks me to know New Orleans is pretty much just as bad as Detroit, though in recent years that crown has gone to Flint, Michigan.

When people think of New Orleans they think of a fun, party city with great food along Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. It seems like a lot of them don’t realize how things are outside the tourist area. It’s like thinking that Los Angeles is only about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yeah right.

I guess if we don’t see all these things, they don’t exist. If we look the other way, they don’t exist. If we fixate ourselves in this bubble of ours, that’s the reality.

There are a few people and organizations that want to help reduce the number of murders in their communities, but it’s hard for them to sustain their efforts when a lot of people just turn their heads and pretend like murder is not at all an issue. Or if it is, they don’t want to be associated with it.

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