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Roasting Plant

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Getting a little bit of me time this afternoon before the busyness starts again.

A Personal Win: Now I understand why I might be super duper outgoing at times and super duper quiet during other times when I’m out and about.

A private, independent life at home equals a very social public self.

A social life at home equals a mellow and/or quiet independent self in public.

So I guess it starts with who I’m with (e.g., roommates), if I’m with anyone at all.

If I don’t get some independence and alone time, then it’s probable that I will naturally retreat in a group setting, unless the group energy is just perfect (for me) and I am energized by the dynamics of the personalities in the group.

I’m also realizing that discussion topics matter too. So for instance, if the group is talking about happy things and future plans and goals and dreams, I become more energized and alert and awake. Because talking about those things makes me come alive. Chronic small talk, on the other hand, bores me and trying to force myself to engage and focus drains me.

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