VIew of Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago

Photo taken at: Downtown Chicago

This is the view from the place I’m staying. My hosts here are Indians on visas, so since I arrived here in Chicago, I’ve been learning quite a bit about the Indian culture. I’ve had Indian tea, Indian snacks, Indian sweets, Indian wraps and even Indian-style boiled eggs.

This morning we discussed the differences between the American culture vs. Indian culture when it comes to growing up, the educational system and general societal values.

When asked if they would raise their future kids here in America, concerns were brought up. Apparently it is not uncommon for United States based Indians to want to raise their children in India rather than here in America. At least when my hosts were growing up in India, the “coolest” thing one can do growing up is/was be really, really smart. In America, it’s about being “cool.” Anyways, I’m off to get some Chicago deep dish pizza now. I’m so excited. I loooooove pizza.

I’ll catch you in a bit.

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