The Historic Alamo

The Alamo

Photo taken at: The Alamo

So I got bored of Austin, TX and decided to make a quick, spontaneous day trip to San Antonio, TX.

I didn’t know that The Alamo was in San Antonio, but I was really excited to see it. I wanted to see the building come alive in my imagination. I had read about The Alamo in my history classes growing up.

When I got there I had this romanticized view of The Alamo. Because of the battle here Texas eventually won it’s independence and became a part of USA.

Then it occured to me upon further reading that it seemed like Mexico was doing Americans a favor back then by allowing them to be on their land. That one day the American settlers here didn’t want to contribute to Mexico in the form of taxes and decided to fight for this land to keep for themselves.

The Alamo incident was what got US involved in helping Texas win independence.

Total buzzkill.

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