Late night planning in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Photo taken at: Chicago, Illinois

Being able to spend the last 30 hours in Chicago has prompted me to create at least some structure for my multi-state travels. I have a couple of rules that I hope will serve as a guideline on how this trip will unfold.

The first is that I will NOT // cannot be a tourist. The lens in which a tourist sees traveling is oftentimes much different than that of a traveler. My reason for embarking on this trip is to explore America. I am explorer. I want to see the good, the bad, the mundane and get a feel for what is real when it comes to how others live. Since I’ve always viewed myself as an explorer, I guess this pretty much explains why the thought of planning trip specifics barely crosses my mind. One of my favorite taglines is ‘get lost, get found’ from the clothing brand Life is Good. I believe that exploration leads to discovery. Tourism is predictable.
The second rule I made for myself is that I have to take care of my health. Specifically, I need to be disciplined enough to say no to addictive sweets. I realized today that although I should be able to eat or try whatever foods I want while traveling, I do need to remember to be aware of how different foods can affect me. Having mental clarity is just as important as feeling good and I need to be 100% at all times. I cannot be using my choices against myself. Helloooo vegetables minus french fries.

PS. I’m staying at another friend’s apartment in Chicago tonight. The Sears Tower is visible from here. It rained for a few minutes earlier with thunder and lightning. Literally, just a few minutes. Can’t wait to see the view in the morning!


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