Happy strangers turned happy friends

Atlanta, Georgia

Photo taken at: Atlanta, Georgia

My experience in Atlanta would not have been the same if I did not meet this strangely remarkably happy stranger who took me in her home after I had a bad first night/day in the city.

I did not feel safe when I exited the airport. A man gave me a strange look that made me feel very uncomfortable. I ended up not being in a safe neighborhood. A cop actually walked me for half a mile from the public train station to my Airbnb. Yeah.

Then Hannah came into the picture. Luckily for me she was not crazy or weird. Luckily for her I was not crazy or weird. We actually got along really, really well.

When something like this happens, where someone randomly appears in my life especially when things don’t quite go as planned, I wonder if there is some sort of grand design to life. Like some people are meant to show up in our lives and possibly be in our lives for a while for some unknown reason. I’ve had this thought at least on five separate occasions since my journey first began.

Anyways thanks again for everything Hannah. Please stay in touch. :)

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