After a night in Grass Lake, Michigan

Grass Lake, Michigan

Photo taken at: Grass Lake, Michigan

Top photo is a view from my window. My host’s front yard is literally a lake. When I got here yesterday, I did not know anything about Grass Lake, MI. I just knew that I was going to stay with a friend who totally seemed like city boy based on my limited interactions with him. Turns out Grass Lake, MI is a VILLAGE with a population of less than 1,200 people. It is a huge contrast from Chicago. Haha.

I was soo hungry. Nothing was open and the nearest grocery store was 20+ minutes away. So for dinner, we had whatever my friend could find – blue corn tortilla chips, salsa, blueberries, leftover quinoa, spinach, carrots and freshly picked plums. I loved it. I could hear the crickets outside and see hundreds (!) of tiny insects landing on the window screen. The latter was pretty gross. Also, a bat flew over us and there were fireflies glowing at dusk. It was incredible.

I’m off to a nearby town called Chelsea now! So hungry.

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