On Being Original


Here’s the thing with being original:

You might not make sense to others.

You don’t follow the crowd just because that’s where everyone is.

You don’t adopt beliefs without proper consideration.

Your thoughts are your own.

People are often surprised by you.

At the same time, when it comes to your core being, you’re consistent.

But only people who are open to knowing you or value individuality will notice that. The others who’ve made up their minds about you will likely continue to define you as they please.

Because you don’t quite make sense to them. Or they think they know ‘your type.’

As the good ol’ saying goes, ‘stand for nothing and you’ll fall for everything.’ Please everyone and you’ll end up not pleasing everyone very well at all, especially yourself.

People may interpret you in whichever ways they want to.

Sometimes their interpretations are flattering. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re extremely distorted.

But hey, that’s the ‘price’ you pay for being original.

Rather, that’s a benefit to being original.

You don’t fit into any particular box. You’re not cookie cutter.

Shoot, if you live in a large, liberal city and you love country music, go for it.

You’re shaping your own identity. You recognize that you have only one life to live.

And there’s no better way to live than to be you.

Inside and out.

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