Introducing Strangers in a Coffee Shop: Please Meet…


Name: Victor Bui
Age: 27

My favorite thing about traveling is it can remind you how simple of a person you really are. It melts away the calendar and all of your responsibilities, bringing only child-like merriment and wonder to the forefront of your thoughts.

The nicest thing in the world is to have friends that selflessly do things for you without expectations. Although we’re all flawed, they understand you and seek to boost your strengths even when your weaknesses also affect them.

When I’m overwhelmed I remind myself stress is a challenge, not a threat. Perspective is important, even when the world is “crumbling” around you. I always take a breath and do a short walk to change my viewpoint on the situation.

I’m most grateful for my family, and in particular, my nieces, Emily and Ellie. They collectively have taught me more about my childhood and how to deal with my adult emotions than I have gained from my experiences.

If I could duplicate myself, my other self would be a peace corps volunteer striving to help provide the basic necessities of life to underprivileged communities. My duplicate would give everything that was blessed to me.

The one person and event that changed my life was Andre Sayre and our trip across the country. When the world was spiraling out of control for me, Andre was persistent and showed me that great people did exist. He disguised my transformation as a trip across the country and we immediately jumped in a car for New York. Along the way, he faced his own demons and showed me that we’re innately vulnerable in some way but our weakness is not a shame. It’s part of a bigger picture that is Victor Bui.

Victor lives in Alhambra, CA. He is the Executive Assistant to the VP, Creative Talent Development and Inclusion at DISNEY-ABC Television Group. I met Victor when I was in high school and I can honestly say he is one of the coolest people I know.

What are you all about? What moves you? I’d love to learn more and perhaps highlight you here in this section of my blog (“Strangers in a Coffee Shop”). As I’ve learned from approaching strangers to ask them about their life lessons, we don’t have to be well-known or successful to be interesting. We don’t have to possess a wide range of ‘life experiences’ either. There’s extraordinary in the ordinary, and I want to prove that here. Email me snowwhite.bui [@] gmail (.) com.

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