About Snow White Bui

Hey! I’m Snow White Bui and I’m the gal behind this blog and the project Lessons for Life. My first and legal name really is Snow White, but my friends usually call me Snow.

When I started to ask people to share with me the three things they wish they knew earlier on in life, I was naive to believe that I could only learn something from people who were older, well-educated and successful. I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. It occurred to me that:

  • Being older or having higher degrees or going to a prestigious school doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re smarter or wiser when it comes to matters pertaining to life.
  • Just because we’re ‘successful,’ it doesn’t mean that we’re automatically going to be happy or fulfilled.
  • Because our life experiences are unique, our perspectives would be too.

It seems like there is not one correct way to live life and that what is the right move for one person could be the totally wrong move for someone else. (Matters pertaining to human ethics are non-negotiable, of course).

When I talk to random people in coffee shops, cafes, parks or at public and private functions, the one thing I’m most struck by is how many people seem to instantaneously light up when asked about their lives. I just love talking to people and learning more about them.

But believe it or not, I’m actually an introvert. I’m a social introvert. Spending a day or two meeting new people will leave me drained for the next couple of days. The major upside to this is that when I have moments to recharge and process recent interactions and events, this is when I’m able to be the most reflective. Words and thoughts don’t always come out easily for me, but when they do, they come out like wildfire.

This blog will chronicle my continued journey in the pursuit of wisdom. At the end of the day, we all want the same things deep down inside, right? And it seems like at least some of us are making the same mistakes or have the same wishes on how things could have been done differently. We can at least try to make a difference by relaying to others some of the things we wish we knew. I know that in general we need to experience a lot of things in order to understand them, but I think that planting little seeds of valuable insights and tips can be helpful.

There are a couple more things I want to show, in addition to us being able to learn something from everyone. Those things are:

  • We don’t need to go to exotic places far away to gain perspective. All we really need to do is step outside our homes and go beyond our usual routes with curious eyes and open minds.
  • The people we see on our way to work or school or at the restaurant, at the gym or on the bus are humans too. They have their own thoughts and feelings, worries and concerns, hopes and dreams, etc. There’s so much more than what can be seen, and as I’ve learned, if we don’t ever take the chance to interact with the people around us, we can easily forget that they’re living, breathing, and thinking beings just like us.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my site. Maybe one day we’ll meet randomly, somewhere. Stay in touch!